De fiecare data cand se intra in "campanie electorala", Primaria din Gura Ocnitei ne anunta ca strada Bisericii va fi asfaltata.

Si anul acesta,la inceputul lunii aprilie ne-au anuntat ca ni se asfalteaza strada ..., strada care se pare ca trebuia asfaltata de de acum cativa ani! "Gurile rele" spun ca deja e data ca asfaltata,dar nu stiu ce sa cred! Stiu insa ca am fost asigurati ca in aprilie -mai a.c. va fi asfaltata! Ma intrb : CAND? in acest an,sau la anul si la multi ani?
E Nicolescu

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Promisiuni...Dece Compania de apa Targoviste nu se tine de cuvant?

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Yes. I thought I had lost it while mvnoig, but a few days ago I found it at the bottom of a drawer. Even with the written diary, though, I have a hard time placing many slides since roads, rivers, lakes and even towns look much alike most of the time. Good thing that every so often I shot some road signs. Google Earth helps a lot too, but not always.



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